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Shark Guardian Eco Artist

Shark Guardian Eco Artist of the Month Rachel Brooks Art
"Each month Shark Guardian selects an artist that goes above and beyond the call of duty for the sake of the ocean and all its inhabitants. We believe that artists, like photographers, play a vital and often underestimated role in ocean conservation. They inspire, educate and cultivate passions that may never had been sparked. Each month during 2021 we are shining a light on some of the great artists we’ve had the privilege of working with - come join us!"  Shark Guardian 2021  
For the month of November I was honoured to be selected as an Eco Artist by Shark Guardian. During this month long feature my work was shown on both their social media channels and website and it was an amazing opportunity to connect with many shark enthusiasts. The month started with a written interview which can be found on the Shark Guardian blog, the questions delve in to my pathway to becoming an artist (which was not a direct one), my past working in the dive industry, conservation and of course sharks! You can read the full interview here.
Later in the month I did a live interview on Instagram with Liz, one of the co-founders of Shark Guardian, where we dived a little deeper in to those topics. Chatting more about critters in the Lembeh Straits and my work with basking sharks. 
Shark Guardian is a charity which is actively working to protect sharks globally, by raising awareness about issues facing sharks, leading campaigns and education programmes and research. Sharks are in global decline, and threatened particularly by destructive fishing practices and the shark fin trade. I am honoured that Shark Guardian selected my work to feature as part of their eco-artist campaign and that I can assist by sharing my passion for sharks with you all. 
If you are a charity or non-profit organisation interested in featuring my work please get in touch