The Anthropocene, Artivism piece by Rachel Brooks Art

The Anthropocene is an unofficial epoch in time, marking the era in which human activity began to significantly affect the environment. 

When thinking about climate change I have always felt the pressure of time, an urgency for faster action, almost like we are watching our planet trickle away slowly before our very eyes. The concept of the hourglass was something I had in my mind for over a year before I put pen to paper. When creating art it is difficult to create something that people may not see as conventionally beautiful. After all, as an artist we want people to want to view our work, and people are less inclined to look at an uncomfortable truth. But my art is my voice, and that's a truth I need to speak. 

The Anthropocene Artivism piece by Rachel Brooks Art

The original piece is an A2 drawing in archival pigment inks, it's the largest and most ambitious ink drawing I had tackled since studying art at college. I knew this piece had to be big to capture the level of detail I wanted to achieve, and to portray the abundance of biodiversity I wanted to include. This piece was researched thoroughly to include a wide variety of species and ecosystems.The hourglass reflects not only the critical time in which we have to act, but also the element of hope, an hourglass can be turned. 

The original is available to purchase, enquire here for more information. 

The Anthropocene by Rachel Brooks Art


The Anthropocene © Rachel Brooks, 2020