Meet Rachel Brooks

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the ocean and its inhabitants with internationally-selling wildlife artist Rachel Brooks. Based between Scotlands West Highlands and the Hebrides, Rachel creates unique ink illustrations and fine artworks celebrating the intricacies of the natural world.

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Ocean Life

Marine life of the world, captured in ink and watercolour, and professionally printed for any space. Explore the ocean from the tiniest critters to the largest whales.

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Unleash the magic of the ocean in your home with our museum-quality art prints. Designed to last a lifetime, these archival prints capture every intricate detail, evoking the essence of the original work

Whale Species Watercolour Art by Rachel Brooks Ocean Artist

Scientific Illustrations

Explore the ocean with art inspired by the historic works of naturalists

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Open Edition

Immerse yourself in an entire ecosystem within these intricate ink works

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Art for Sharks

Support shark conservation with my Saving the Blue collection

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Art for Adventurers

Dive into the depths of style, comfort and sustainability with wearable ocean art. Designed for adventurous souls, scuba enthusiasts, and passionate ocean lovers.

Work with Rachel

As an ocean artist, conservationist, scuba and wildlife guide, Rachel is a passionate storyteller and advocate for our natural world.

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