Rachel Brooks Art was founded as a platform for me to share my passion of the natural world, through my best form of communication which is art. My hope is that by showcasing the beauty and intricacies of nature I can inspire the same amazement and joy that I felt in seeing these animals first hand, and introduce these wonders to others. 


Plankton Not Plastic Campaign T-Shirts by Rachel Brooks Art



Artivism combines the words of activism and art, to do exactly what it sounds like, using the power of art as a tool for activism. Art can inspire emotions in a unique and evocative way that communicates to each person differently. I use my voice and skill as an artist to communicate complex environmental issues, such as the climate crisis and loss of biodiversity. This form of art opens up discussion and deeper thought. I have created artivism pieces for clients such as the RSPB, been featured by Shark Guardian as an eco-artist as well as appearing as a guest on clubhouse discussions about artivism. You can read more and find the relevant links on my publications page.

I am always interested in collaborating on wildlife and conservation projects. If you have a conservation or environmental artivism project, or are a charity looking for illustration assistance please get in touch and let's work together. 


Sustainability by Rachel Brooks Art - Manta Collection



As a freelance illustrator and artist my business is very small, but I am in no doubt that I still have a responsibility both environmentally and socially when sourcing products. My art work is printed on to a range of clothing, homewares, stationary and paper products. I have carefully researched all of the production partners I work with to ensure they match my environmental ethos. 


My clothing products are printed on demand, this means a garment is only printed when it is purchased. This ensures there is no waste, which is a huge problem with fast fashion. The printing is done through a waterless process, with 100% biodegradable, vegan friendly ink which is certified safe for children and babies and toxic free. The garments are produced in WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified factories so the whole production line can be traced and monitored, and printing is completed by a carbon neutral company. The printing partner is also an accredited Living Wage employer.

All of my designs are made with love for fellow ocean lovers, the prints have a lifetime guarantee and these garments can be loved forever whilst leaving as little trace as possible. 


I use two companies to fulfil my homeware products, both of which share the same ethos. My bulk orders are shipped in 100% recycled packaging, orders sent directly to you are shipped 100% plastic free. Trees are planted by both companies in a carbon offset initiative, and both are committed to social justice by ensuring there is a zero tolerance on modern slavery within the supply chain. 

Print Products 

All paper products such as cards, postcards and art prints are on FSC certified paper, the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certifies forestry practices globally to ensure they meet the highest environmental and social standards. 

Delivery & Packaging 

When items are shipped directly from me they will be packaged in 100% paper, except larger art prints which need protective tube end caps. These tubes can be re-used to store art work and posters. All tape is made from recycled Kraft paper, and the protective waterproof paper wrapping your print is all 100% recyclable in your paper collection. When items are shipped directly from delivery partners packaging varies, whilst I would love to provide the packaging for all of my products it would be wasteful to have items posted to me to then be repackaged and redirected to you. Many of these companies allow you to stock your own packaging if you are a larger business, I hope in the future this is something I can achieve. 

Together we can make a difference and I am working hard to ensure my small business is as environmentally friendly as it can be. If you have any concerns or suggestions then please get in touch