Saving the Iberian Orca

Saving the Iberian Orca

The Iberian Orca

A subspecies with fewer than 50 individuals remaining. This critically endangered subpopulation have gained a lot of media attention due to their altercations with boats. The orca were first reported interacting with vessels in 2020, where numerous reports of the orca ramming boats and causing damage to rudders have since been recorded. Their environment is a busy one, an important trade and transport route. To add to this disturbance, retaliation from recreational boaters and fishermen has led to attacks and aggression towards the orca. In extreme cases this has included shooting at wildlife and intentionally polluting the environment. The WeWhale organisation is taking the perpetrators of this horrific act to court, setting the precedent that this behaviour will not be tolerated.

What can we do?

I created this art work to celebrate this unique subspecies or orca and their environment. This art is supporting the WeWhale and their conservation efforts. They are fundraising to support the Iberian orca with patrols, legal action, research and an awareness campaign. With both a sea and land based crew monitoring the orca pod to encourage safe coexistence. Prints can be shopped below to support this campaign, clothing can be purchased from the WeWhale. Together we can make a difference for the future of these incredible animals.

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