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Are you open for commissions?

I am currently taking commission bookings for 2023. Commission lead-times are extremely variable during the year so please get in touch as soon as you know you want to make a commission art work. My commission slots can be filled months in advance. 

What commission work do you accept?

My expertise is in wildlife art and natural history illustration - I specialise in ink and watercolour . You can see a full range of my past work on Instagram @rachelbrooksart

I also provide commercial services for businesses such as product design, logo design and graphics services. I have worked for clients such as the RSPB in creating designs for their COP26 merchandise range, as well as smaller businesses for bespoke merchandising services. 

Scientific illustrations and marine species are work are my focus, and most requested commission styles. I can offer original art in a full range of sizes as well as digital services. 

How do I order a commission art work?

You can purchase my most frequent commission styles directly through my website. If you want to discuss the concept first please feel free to get in touch. Once ordered please send me any reference material and requests via email. 

If your commission art idea is not one of my ready to buy products then please contact me to discuss. Once we have agreed a design idea, size and medium I can quote your work, and time scale. No services, such as concept sketches are offered prior to first payment. You can find numerous examples of the quality and style of my work on my website and social pages. 

Do I need to send you a photo?

No, I am able to source reference material to create your art work. However, if you would like to use a specific photo or your own photography then this is no problem, as long as you have permission to use it. 

The best way to send your photo is by email, please don't send through social media as the image resolution is reduced.

 Rachel Brooks Art working on a Scientific Illustration Commission


Can I have your art tattooed?

I offer tattoo permissions for some of art works, they are £35 each and include a digital copy as well as a license agreement for you to use the art for a personal tattoo. 

All my designs are my intellectual property and there are some cases where I will not offer this permission, no art is to be used for any reason without my consent. Art works not available for tattoo purchase include, limited edition designs, past client work and commercially licensed work.

Can you design my tattoo?

Yes, I can create ink designs specifically for use as tattoos, please get in touch with your idea to get started. 


I've seen a design on your social media but I can't find it on your website?

I am unable to stock my full portfolio on my website, as I need to create room for new art works. However I can do custom prints from my archive so please get in touch if the item you wanted is sold out or not available. 

Limited edition prints are limited to the number stated so once they are sold out there will be no option to buy prints. 

I am interested in stocking your products

Please contact me to discuss and for my 2023 wholesale rates.


Please see here for my full delivery information, including packaging, services, returns and import information.