Hello & Welcome! 
I'm Rachel, a UK based artist, wildlife guide, and photographer. I live in the lovely little town of Oban in the Scottish Highlands. Thank you for taking the time to view my work, everything here is lovingly hand made by myself! So I thought I would use this opportunity to introduce me to you! 
I have always loved drawing and painting and during college this was set to be my career path. I had already drafted my first university application for an Art course but a summer spent volunteering on a whale and dolphin research project in the Atlantic changed everything! 
Living with a group of young passionate conservationists really shifted my perspective of the world, I decided that this was exactly where I wanted to be. I changed my application to study a BSc in Zoology at the University of Leeds. 
Art was put to one side whilst I was studying and after graduating I couldn't wait to get out and explore the world. I left the UK in 2014 with a one way ticket to India. The vibrancy of India stole my heart and is still one of my favourite places. The colours captured my imagination and inspired me to pick up my camera and a set of crushed petal powder paints. After leaving India I made my way through Indonesia before settling in Australia which was to be my home for the next few years. 
I was never fortunate enough to live by the sea in the UK and being on Australias stunning coastline drew me closer and closer to the ocean. I started a career in the dive industry which allowed me to keep travelling and doing what made me happy. As a PADI instructor I was able to live and work in places I had only ever dreamed of visiting, from swimming with whale sharks in the Ningaloo reef to managing a dive centre in a remote island in Sulawesi my adventures have inspired a lot of my creations - and I hope I can bring a slice of these wonderful places to you! 
After five years I returned home to the UK and have moved from my home in Lancashire to the Scottish highlands, where I can still be surrounded by stunning scenery. I started this art adventure in October 2019 with the support of my amazing partner and family. Thank you for being here and supporting a small business dream! 
Rach xx