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For Planet Ocean - The Art Challenge

After the success of the For Planet Ocean art challenge in 2022, we are so delighted to be back hosting the challenge for a second year. 'For Planet Ocean' is a collaboration of artists drawing for a brighter, greener and cleaner future for our oceans. The challenge takes place on social media, with artists from across the world submitting art works in response to 5 prompts - one for each week of World Oceans Month. 

Not only does For Planet Ocean fill our feeds with beautiful ocean art work, inspiring conversation and tackling relevant topics about ocean conservation, but this year we are also partnered with Project Seagrass. 

Seagrass bed in the Inner Hebrides by Rachel Brooks Art

Project Seagrass is an environmental charity devoted to the conservation of global seagrass ecosystems through research, community and action. They have also pledged up to 10,000 seagrass seeds in support of the challenge. We are so excited to be restoring seagrass meadows with our art work! 

The challenge so far ... 

Rainforests of the Sea 

We started the challenge on the 1st June, which also happens to be 'World Reef Day', it made sense to use our first prompt to celebrate our fragile yet vitally important coral ecosystems with 'Rainforests of the Sea'. 

Coral Reef Species Scientific Illustrations by Rachel Brooks Art

Here are just a handful of the Scientific illustrations I created for this prompt, of the rainbow of life which call the reef home. In fact, corals provide home to over 25% of all marine life, despite covering less than 1% of the ocean.

World Ocean Day 

The second prompt of the challenge fell on World Oceans Day, the theme for tis piece was 'blue mind'. The blue mind theory was coined by Wallace J Nichols, in his book which delves in to the science of how being around water gives us a sense of peace. Our blue planet is essential for not only our physical wellbeing but also our mental wellbeing. 

30x30 World Oceans Day by Rachel Brooks

Though without a healthy ocean, we simply cannot survive. Over 70% of our blue planet is covered by water, but less than 3% of the ocean is highly protected. This piece was created to explore the connection between the marine environment and our planet.

Artivism: Protect What We Love 

Artivism is something I am very passionate about, I believe art is such a powerful tool for communicating and engaging with new audiences. Seeing everyone's powerful submissions for this prompt filled me with so much optimism. For this prompt I shared a recent piece I had published in Scuba Diver Magazine. I was commissioned to create two artivism pieces for their June issue. 

A diver on a bleached coral reef, hoping for a brighter future for our ocean - Artivism by Rachel Brooks Art

This piece was created to accompany an article about climate anxiety and how diving can help. I wanted to capture not only how corals are facing mass bleaching events, but by seeing the beauty of our ocean it gives us purpose and refreshes our hope and mission to protect our blue planet. 

The Deep Sea: Mysterious Depths  

Coming 22nd June

Seagrass: Planting a Future 

Coming 29th June  

Get Involved 

To take part in the For Planet Ocean Art Challenge, simply upload your entry to Instagram and tag @forplanetocean @rachelbrooksart and our other co-hosting artists which can all be found on the challenge platform. Use our official hashtags #forplanetocean & #forplanetocean2023

The For Planet Ocean Collection 

At the end of June each of my original art works created for the For Planet Ocean Art challenge will be available to purchase on my website. It is the first time this year I have had original art available to purchase so stay tuned to make sure you don't miss out! 

Coral Reef Art by Rachel Brooks


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