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Global day of action with the RSPB!

I am so STOKED to share this news with you! Earlier in the month I was approached by the RSPB to create them a design for their COP26 campaign. As a conservationist collaborating with such a well know conservation organisation for such an important event is a dream! 
Whilst the talks at COP26 are ongoing they wanted a design which celebrated our biodiversity, to remind us all what we have at risk. I couldn't think of a better way than sharing our wonderful Scottish seas. The life here in the Sea of the Hebrides is like nowhere else I've been, it comes to life in the summer with thousands of sea birds, basking sharks, whales and dolphins and I wanted to create a design that encapsulated that.
Illustration by Rachel Brooks in collaboration with the RSPB shows a split scene of sea birds and the ocean
Artwork © Rachel Brooks, 2021
"In collaboration with artists Rachel Brooks and Cookie Love, we have created two designs that reflects their, and our, connection to nature and the planet. The climate crisis impacts us all and these designs highlight the beauty and biodiversity we’re at risk of losing forever. COP26 is an important political moment and the future of nature, people & planet depend on the outcomes decided there. Together we can show world leaders that now is the time to act" - RSPB
I feel so honoured to be part of such an important project. I hope that this design can help spread the message of how amazing our wildlife is and remind people we have too much to loose through not acting now on climate change. Sea birds are such an important indicator of the health of the ocean and as the climate begins to change we could see catastrophic changes is fish stocks.
An Atlantic puffin photographed by Rachel Brooks    Atlantic puffin in the Treshnish Isles © Rachel Brooks 2021 
"During CoP26, we want to make the case for restoring nature as part of our fight to halt climate change. The UK, despite being nature depleted, is home to some incredible wildlife. It’s also home to lots of wildlife lovers, including those who celebrate it through their art. For our CoP26 collection we wanted to hand the paintbrush to some of the creative folks who weave wildlife into their artwork." - RSPB
Harp Rock in the Treshnish Isles, a seabird colony photographed by Rachel Brooks
Harp Rock, the Treshnish Isles © Rachel Brooks, 2021
This design is now available through the RSPB site with 100% of the profits going towards their campaign. It feels incredible to see my artwork on such a big platform, and I hope it helps spread both their message and my love of Scottish waters! 
Thanks for reading! 
Best Fishes,
Rach x

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