Hammerhead Shark tattoo by Rachel Brooks Art
Hammerhead shark chest tattoo by Rachel Brooks Art
Turtle hatchling tattoo by Rachel Brooks Art

Tattoo Permission

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Looking for your next shark or ocean tattoo? Check out my range of unique ocean and marine-themed ink work.

As an ink artist, I'm often asked if people can have my art tattooed. I am so honoured that somebody would want to have my art tattooed on them for life, it is such a compliment. As a professional artist, my art is both my livelihood and intellectual property, to support my work I ask that you purchase a tattoo permit before getting my work tattooed. 

Can I choose any design?

As a professional artist and illustrator, I do lots of different types of work and licensing agreements, some commercially with other businesses, and some with my own limited edition print runs and products. This means that some of my designs are contractually exclusive to clients, and some of them I simply want to keep exclusive to print. 

Any of my open edition designs can be purchased as tattoo permissions. Limited edition designs are not available for tattooing.

I hope you find a design you love! If you are not sure which please contact me to check.

What will I receive?

If you would like a digital copy of your chosen design image, please add the image description to the order notes. I will send you a digital copy which also includes a permission statement you can take to your tattoo artist. 

Your permission is valid for 1 personal tattoo only, no other reproductive rights or copyright for the design are included.

Can you design me a custom tattoo?

Absolutely! Send me an email with your idea, including as much detail as possible for design, size, and position. We can create your dream tattoo together!


Please remember my art is highly detailed, seek out a tattoo artist who specialises in fine detail to transfer your design to the best possible standard. 

Thank you for doing the right thing and supporting independent artists, if you have had my artwork tattooed I would love to see it, please tag me @rachelbrooksart on Instagram!